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The Farmogal laboratories transform precise needs into formulas and solutions that are the result of continuous studies, experiments and research, through the use of cutting-edge technologies. The more than forty scientific papers and ten patents are concrete evidence of a belief in research viewed as a tool that is able to ask for the most from present to contribute to the future. The desire for quality and innovation together with concrete and visible results and transparent information in support of the customer.


The Farmogal brand technology is in continuous development and is periodically subjected to verifications aimed at correcting potential errors and increasing the quality of the products. In that way, certifications become incentives to improve and grow to offer the best, as well as quality guarantees and customer confidence.

ISO 9001

The 9001 certification is an external check of the company quality system and guarantees to the user customer that the company respects the rules and laws and is deserving of its trust. It is an instrument of growth and empowerment for all operators because, in case of infringement of the rules, the certification can be revoked.

ISO 14001

The 14001 certification attests that Farmogal acts in respect of the environment through clean and innovative cosmetics, free of paraffinic derivatives and silicones, it allows the skin to breathe and does not damage nature. It is an excellence that certifies on a global level the security of the company's products.


In the Farmogal laboratory a cleaner new cosmetic is born: through research the excipient, the inactive part of the cosmetic, has been eliminated. Only molecules useful to the skin are chosen.

All preservatives act as fungal and bacterial cell killers, but, when applied to the skin, irritate and even damage the skin cells. Eliminating from the formulation any type of preservative, not just some family, represents the tremendous growth of the quality of the company's products, which always puts respect for physiology and constant improvement in first place in order to maintain the effectiveness and safety of its cosmetics.


Farmogal operators are authors and co-authors of scientific publications published in national and international journals for the cosmetics and dermatology sector.