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Facial Treatments

For every aesthetic necessity, Farmogal provides beauticians with effective, safe and easy-to-use treatments that permit to set up beauty programmes that guarantee success and the approval of the most demanding clientele. Biorhythms adaptation, anti-aging action with patented adhesive cosmetics, and camouflage cosmetology that works against wrinkles and relaxation for a practical, efficient and spectacular cosmetic system. The results from the first session show protocols conforming to the needs of the skin, the choice of "good" molecules capable of great responses with respect to cutaneous parameters and the passion that drives our researchers every day to offer the better quality. These cosmetic lines do not waterproof and thanks to their formulations let the skin breathe, promoting its metabolism.

Farmogal does not use mineral oils, silicones or preservatives and checks every production batch for the absence of heavy metals and Nickel to guarantee dermatological and chemical safety.